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About Me

Hello!  Welcome to

I'm the creator/designer/inventor of Puzzometry Puzzles and Texas Challenge Coins.  I'm always tinkering and building and designing something new.  On occasion, I decide to a take leap of faith and turn some of my creations in to real, viable, commercially available products...and sometimes services too!


I'm an electrical engineer at my day job, but I'm generally an all around gear-head, creative-type in the evenings.  Some of my 'way too many' interests and hobbies, in no particular order, include: 3D Printing, Laser-cutting, CAD Design, Cycling, Woodworking, Stained Glass, Writing and Robotics.

Feel free connect with me on social media (Facebook or Instagram are generally the easiest/quickest) and say hello or ask me a question.  My account name at both of those places is @Puzzometry. 

Thank you for visiting my webpage and for supporting my various creative and entrepreneurial ventures!

     - Jim

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