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Puzzometry on Kickstarter

Over the years I've been fortunate enough to have several Kickstarter Projects successfully funded.  I've used that success to launch the products that you see listed for sale here at    

It all started in 2014.  The first Puzzometry Kickstarter project was listed in the Tabletop Games section and was fully funded on November 25th, 2014 with total funding of $21,447 and 592 backers!  Thats a LOT of puzzles going out to puzzle lovers all around the world!  This project included the first three puzzles in the Puzzometry Family (Original, Puzzometry Squares and Puzzometry Jr.)


You can see the project here:

Puzzometry On Kickstarter.webp

In 2017 I launched another Kickstarter Project to unveil Puzzometry Hex, the fourth puzzle in the Puzzometry Family.  This project was funded at $1938 dollars and all proceeds were donated to an area FIRST Robotics Team from Baytown, TX - FRC1255 The Blarglefish.

In October 2019, I launched the most recent Puzzometry Kickstarter Project where I released Puzzometry Steps, Puzzometry Six and Puzzometry Jr2.  This project was funded at $4880.

Following up the success of Puzzometry, in January of 2021 I decided to launch a Kickstarter Project to fund an entirely new product line.  This was the start of the three Texas Challenge Coins.  This project was funded at $1729 and was the start of me designing and selling Challenge Coins.  

I'm not yet sure what my next product line will be, but it's like a safe bet that it will be introduced and brought to life on Kickstarter before being available for sale here at!

Thank you for visiting my webpage and for supporting my various creative and entrepreneurial ventures!

     - Jim

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