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7 Unique Puzzometry Puzzles:

Puzzometry (Original)

Puzzometry Squares

Puzzometry Jr. 

Puzzometry Hex

Puzzometry Steps

Puzzometry Six

Puzzometry Jr 2

We also have Puzzometry Replacement Pieces

Puzzometry Steps_edited.jpg

Puzzometry Steps $18.50

Puzzometry Jr 2.jpg

Puzzometry Jr. 2 $14.00

Puzzometry Six.JPG

Puzzometry Six  $18.50

Puzzometry Hex Picture.jpg

Puzzometry Hex  $18.50

Puzzometry Puzzle

Puzzometry  $18.50

Puzzometry Squares Puzzle

Puzzometry Squares 18.50

Puzzometry Jr Puzzle

Puzzometry Jr. $14.00

Spare Pieces.jpeg

Replacement Pieces $2

Puzzometry Kickstarter Video

Puzzometry: The Hardest Puzzle You'll Never Solve

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